Are Wedding Vows a Necessity

The wedding ceremony is in fact all this event essence. The grooms unite, they make this life commitment. Apart from the religious ceremony the moment of “I do” is all about the personalized vows. With their own words and inspiration the bride and groom share these words, with the meaning of being together from now on. These wedding vows are part of a traditional wedding type, so that a modern couple may want to kip this part. What are the alternative wedding vows?
Alternative Wedding Vows
In the first place, it is hard to say that one can find a replacement, a total substitute for this. After all this means the exchange of some of words, with the meaning to agree with the marring fact. Modern thinking again one may consider making a song dedication but this is a church, a sacred place and under no circumstances this is possible.

But why would a couple want to find alternative wedding vows? In a measure it can be about the fact that the bride and groom are kind of shy persons and they do not want to come with a juicy love declaration in front of everyone. After all this is an intimate moment for the two of them. Their love can be expressed in so many ways not only through words. And to be honest words are useful in emphasizing what love means and in trying to describe the feeling they are bond in.
Alternative Wedding Vows
Apart from this, the wedding vows are like a speech.  It has to be composed briefly worded, not too long as to become too boredom to be heard. Not everyone has such talents, not everyone can control itself when reciting. Consequently, in order to avoid such moments the grooms can come with alternative wedding vows, just the priest question, in a more elaborated way composed.

Furthermore, alternative wedding vows can mean a totally skipped part in this way: after the priest short question “Do you take this woman/man as to be your wife/husband?” they both say “I do” and then they make the rings exchange and all done. Kid of drastically if it is to judge that the whole ceremony to be about a short agreement sentence. So, what can be another way as alternative wedding vows? To read a poem, some lyrics describing your mood and feelings. Like many have a song of their own so it may be with a poem.  More romantic, simple for you as not to compose anything.
Alternative Wedding Vows
As a conclusion, everyone should understand the pressure on the grooms in this moment and why they want to come with alternative wedding vows- everyone has great expectations, everyone stares and silently waits for them to speak the vows. With all the emotions stuttering will become a self control lost and everything will turn into a mess.

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