An organized way to plan your wedding, stress free and by book- checklists

When you hear it seems to be about a freak control bride but actually it is a helpful method. Wedding checklist divides your time, sets your priorities and helps you not to forget a thing. Of course that those that aren’t the list type of persons will see in this just a waste of time to create them and a chaos to stick to this plan in case one task will be postponed to be solved and it all turns into a mess.

Taking it on steps, why to do wedding checklist(s)?If not seen as a help to plan the event at least for the details you don’t want to forget and all to be in order. For example date to meet some vendors, who is in charge with bringing the rings at the church and so on. For each task to include references. You’re good with the memory but not in cases of so much pressure.

How to create them?You can do it on computer or simple a hand written list, as long as it is in your personal style and you’ll get to understand it later. Made on columns seems easier and recommended. And also it depends on what exactly you want that checklist to be about. Speaking generally about the wedding to be planned you’ll have a checklist which includes:

Location, date, hour and the same for the church with contact numbers of the stuff there.

Flowers, delivery, hours, costs.

Music, appointment, deadline to sign the contract and have a playlist.

Rings, price, time to custom make them, extra costs.


Bride’s attire and accessories.

This is just a general plan and probably you can handle the situation without too much need of such a list. Probably one more detailed with differences and compares of the prices. For sure that the wedding checklist for the wedding day differs and it is something the majority agrees with the fact of needing one.

In exact minutes or even seconds of what has to happen that checklist is with the details no one should forget. And it isn’t the bride the one to have the list and always remind about it. Maybe she does it but the bridesmaids//groomsmen and family members have to make sure everything is according to the plan.

So your checklist is actually your demand for how others to do the things. Convenient, right?

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