A Second Wedding Requires The Same Gift Etiquette?

In a common and traditional manner at a wedding the guests bring a gift to the couple. It is a sign of respect, of gratitude for invitation, a compensatory gift for what they serve at the wedding plus for what they receive as a symbolic gift, the wedding favors. Even though being not that expensive the gesture counts and a gift becomes a “must give” element. Is this an applying concept for all weddings, even though speaking about second time or more?

Gifts For a Second WeddingSource

Gifts For a Second Wedding

The gifts for a second wedding, in principle, should not differ of the ones for first time getting married; it is after all the same meaning of the event, the same event type so the etiquette is the same. Hence, grooms may be the ones not to be quite in agreement with the idea to receive gifts for their second marriage. Why, why not, yes or no judge according to the following related ideas, presented from both sides perspective:

  • Gifts for a second wedding can be just symbols and so please both parts: the guests no to complicate and spend too much money, the grooms not to feel like they impose the same “rules” alike at a first time wedding.
  • Gifts For a Second Wedding Source

    Gifts For a Second Wedding

  • Gifts for a second wedding should not be taken as a burden. After all it is a wedding, no matter the “label” of the second or third time. With the same pattern, course of facts this wedding is alike any other one.
  • Gifts for a second wedding should be a needed element in case the guests discover the grooms’ wedding gift registry. If there is no such thing in this case they should wonder in what measure will the grooms want to receive any gift or not.
  • The gifts for a second wedding from the perspective of the grooms may be a not to be included idea in the wedding plan. They should be pleased enough only for the guests’ presence, hoping all of them to come and not to expect any gift at all. This is an optional thing and for the guests, not for the grooms.
  • Gifts For a Second Wedding Source

    Gifts For a Second Wedding

  • The gifts for a second wedding if they are to be bought should differ from the ones a guest gave to the grooms first time. Indeed it is not the same bride or groom, depending on the case but it is rude to give twice the same gift type.
  • The gifts for a second wedding can target the same list of gifts for a first time wedding. This is not an excluded domain so anything from house things to decor, to symbolic gifts is a good idea.
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