A new type of wedding gown, the colored modern version

In concordance with traditions bridal attire is about the white pure view. Of course that this is an old belief not a strict rule, of course that it is a common way and within a little bit of modernism brides to be prefer the off white now or the hints of colors. What would you say to the idea of colored wedding gowns? With a too huge step made from the all white to all colored view some may be reluctant while others may embrace the style with much more pleasure. There are both sides strong arguments for such a decision.

Colored wedding gownsImage Source

Colored wedding gowns

Colored wedding gowns are irreproachable elegant and of course with the color chosen to flatter you, to compensate your beauty, counting the skin tone and eyes. But when it comes about the event of such kind, about this unique bridal experience it seems that a colored view is not a totally satisfying one and all this in correlation with expectations:

Colored wedding gownsImage Source

Colored wedding gowns

  • At any other event you can wear an elegant colored gown, mostly as guest at weddings. But when it comes your turn to be a bride you want to blow your chance with this? No regrets later for this decision.
  • Colored wedding gowns are what many opt for in special cases to say so. On the one hand it can be just about the civil ceremony part of the wedding so one of the outfits. On the other hand as usually choice to be about brides at their second or more time experience of such kind, widows getting remarried and so on.
Colored wedding gownsImage Source

Colored wedding gowns

  • You succeed to shock people as everyone expects to see the bride wearing white or at least something close to this but at the same time your colored gown comes with risks- the embarrassing moment of a guest having the same colored gown as the bride; after all everybody counts the white exclusively for bride nuance.
  • Even in a not that dark nuance the colored wedding gowns represent for the majority something extreme to be the bridal choice. In tastes not debating such a decision, it could be about the colored cream, beige, soft champagne view and these aren’t too far away of the white view and much more acceptable than all red, all blue even in soft tones gowns.

On what side of the story are you?

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