A Funny Note For a Too Sober Mood-Comic Wedding Toasts

Like a way to say goodbye to the bachelor time, a method to say welcome to the married group people the bride and groom are the target of some jokes even in the wedding day. With no reason to be upset about these they are the salt and pepper of the event and will remain as memorable times. But to make a prank in the real meaning of the word at the religious ceremony will be a too pushing the limits note since it is a solemn time here. What should remain as revenge arm is the time to bring the comic wedding toasts in the scene.

Comic Wedding ToastsSource

Comic Wedding Toasts

In a way such toasts category we can say are supposed to target the bride and groom and the marriage itself. It should be a reason to laugh but it can turn against you; it is risky for the one to tell it, it is embarrassing for the grooms and shocking for the guests. So as prime piece of advice is to try first the ground at the rehearsal dinner and see the reactions, just to be sure of the right saying at the right place and time. Unless you are the fun guy or lady in the group so people to expect from you such thing, unless the grooms have a sense of humor as to relish the time and not blame later for this you can go on with your plan.

Comic Wedding Toasts Source

Comic Wedding Toasts

Comic wedding toasts can include a joke, a quote as well or even a personal story/life experience; just avoid something too long as not to bore the guests. Some of the examples may be about:

  • “Love is blind, but marriage is a real eye-opener”. And so of mock the vows the bride and groom made for a long lasting, happy life time together.
  • “Love makes the time pass. Time makes love pass.” Is a French proverb with a rude note about love but it can e one funny way to wish for long lasting marriage to the couple.
  • “I ask all the others girlfriends of the groom to return the key of the apartment to the wife. The wife is first until she commands.” Time when some ladies come with some keys in front of the groom’s table.
  • Comic Wedding Toasts Source

    Comic Wedding Toasts

  • “Men marry women with the hope they will never change. Women marry men with the hope they will change. Invariably they are both disappointed.” (by Albert Einstein) may be a good start point to say how the bride and groom complete each other.
  • “The appropriate age for marriage is around eighteen for girls and thirty-seven for men.”

Many others can be part of a comic wedding toast. And no matter what you decide to say don’t forget about some rules, in fact essential points to not fail in your mission. Or, not to be misunderstood:

  1. Comic wedding toasts should come after some serious ones. You don’t want to start with some jokes when grooms expect to hear a greeting.
  2. Comic wedding toasts target the bride and groom. But don’t say it like a serious thing and moreover if you are from the bride’s side don’t let the impression of being the other side enemy. In other words at they won’t expect you will do.
  3. Even thought your clear, main aim is to mock the toasts time and say something funny mention at last a serious idea.
  4. Comic Wedding Toasts Source

    Comic Wedding Toasts

  5. It takes art after all to interpret the role of a party, formality and event etiquette trouble-maker. You want to be taken as serious at first but not in the drastic way, you want to make people laugh and keep that spirit until the end of your sayings. Unless you are not the type of person to accomplish this then the whole charm of the moment is lost. It is all like stand up comedy.
  6. As no to offense the bride or/and groom take yourself as example giver.
  7. Try to suggest the idea of wanting to have a comic saying at the wedding so to know at what to expect. The bride and groom may be stressed about something going wrong so it is not quite a pleasing time to come with jokes, especially for the bride.
  8. Comic Wedding Toasts Source

    Comic Wedding Toasts

  9. Take into consideration the wedding type as style. You may be the only one outside the circle of a sober attitude. It is no like you shall expect applauses after that but to see everyone around wry. So the public must like you and the tone you are using must be the key appreciation.

All things considered and with all these being said it only remains to find a catchy text. As long as you are good at it nothing will go wrong.

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