A Few Words About Your Wedding Regime

How would you like to look in your wedding day? What is your imagined picture of the bridal look? Of course, all the future brides dream about their perfection but this is a versatile subject. Is perfection for you the way to lose some weight or it means to be just you, improved look with accent on the shapes you have? The idea is to count your silhouette and disappointment of not looking enviable or just to be resigned about this- your man will still love you.

Wedding Beauty RegimeSource

Wedding Beauty Regime

Not because you have to recur to drastic methods, not because you try to be someone else but at least to keep under control your weight and state of health, to still get in the dress it is needed a wedding beauty regime as the pre wedding preparation. The wedding beauty regime starts within 2 months before, depending on your needs.

Keep control on what you eat. Many count that the stress before this event will come with the consequences, but in their favor- to lose weight. Even thinking that this is the perfect opportunity for you it is just about being unbalanced, about your organism suffering. Moreover, others because of the stress may gain weight. Focus on vegetables, more fruits and light menus daily.

Wedding Beauty RegimeSource

Wedding Beauty Regime

But the wedding beauty regime means much more than this. It is about your entire look, all parts of your body. So, despite the silhouette, despite keeping a healthy light regime for your general mood and state of health, take care of your skin. And here I am referring most to the face. The wedding bridal make up should be aimed to make more expressive its features and only hiding various imperfections. We are not perfect and some stains on the face may appear in the last minutes. Most of them are covered by the foundation tone but attention, if you recur to peelings and others treatments do this not in the days preceding the wedding as it is needed to wait for a balanced view. Otherwise you will remain with scars from acne and with red stains from the treatments.

Wedding Beauty RegimeSource

Wedding Beauty Regime

Apart from this, if you know yourself with nails problems, with usually exfoliation you need again a wedding beauty regime. Daily, for a month or two, you need to use vitamin E and lemon juice, treatments with oils to solve these issues. And even wanting to have fake nail you need again to make this from time as to get used with them and handling everything with such long nails instantly.

In your wedding day you need to feel ok and be ok, with no bloated stomach feeling, with no skin problems at sight and so on. Consequently, a wedding beauty regime comes as a need for you to fix the things and achieve your goal- the perfection.

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